Information for new patients


The doctor who referred you has confidence in the knowledge and skill provided by Dr. Jamaris and his staff. We believe you will find our reputation for high quality care well-deserved.

To make an appointment at either of our two locations, please call 410/768-4644.

To prepare for your appointment:
  • Download our Patient History form and bring it with you, or complete it at the office (please arrive 20 minutes early).
  • Bring with you:
    • Photo ID (driver’s license)
    • Insurance Card
    • Referral, if required
    • W/C or PIP (auto accident) information
    • List of current medications
    • X-rays, MRIs and report
    • Co-payment
  • Review your benefits, deductible and covered services. Note that we will bill insurance carrier directly.
  • Notify us if you are unable to keep an appointment or if you have any change in name, address, telephone or insurance.

Patient privacy policy