Insurance & Billing

Dr Jamaris participates with Medicare and accepts most insurance plans. Please call our office for verification that we accept your insurance plan. Check with your insurance company to understand your coverage, including any requirement for referral, and expenses such as deductible, copay, and coinsurance amounts that may not be covered.

Bring your referral and your insurance card to your appointment. If you do not have your referral at the time of your appointment, you will have to reschedule.

Workers’ Compensation and automobile accidents require additional information at the time of your visit. The patient must provide a brief yet thorough description of how his/her injury/accident occurred, identifying where it occurred and the number of days of absenteeism, the claim number and name and telephone number of the adjuster, and your attorney’s name and phone number, as pertinent.

Should there be any changes in your insurance information or mailing address, please notify us immediately to avoid costly delays and denials in payment.